Friday, October 30, 2015

In progress -

The past few weeks, I've gotten a bit obsessed with butterflies. Perhaps because with the turn in weather, I'm seeing less and less of them. It seems like just yesterday that I was watching so many of the last few summer butterflies dancing across the skies. Alas, winter is coming. Here are two new paintings on my easel, in the beginning stages -

titles: unnamed (in progress)

Tuesday, October 27, 2015


"Contemplation: Majestic Blue Jays"
by Susanna Pantas
oil on canvas, 11"x14"

Well, what can I say? Blue Jays are spectacular. From watching them, I've gleaned they are quite feisty and dignified. I know some bird watchers get annoyed with them because they're so temperamental, but I still love them. It is quite a delight to be walking through a wood, and see a quick flash of bright blue.

This painting is for sale at ArtSource Fine Art in Raleigh, NC. 919-787-9533

Saturday, October 24, 2015


Monarch butterflies are facing serious problems due to a loss of their food, the humble milkweed, and their habitat.

I found a dead monarch butterfly a few weeks ago during a walk and thought I would try my best to capture the way light shimmers through their wings. I have heard people compare their wings to stained glass windows.  So, with that introduction, here is a new painting of a monarch butterfly, fresh off the easel -

"Contemplation: Monarch"
oil on canvas, 11"x14"

For those interested, you can learn about the concerns of habitat loss and what you can do to help (hint: PLANT milkweed!) by visiting these websites:

This painting is currently for sale at ArtSource Fine Art in Raleigh, NC. 919-787-9533