Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Trio in the works

With Halloween right around the corner, I think it is fitting that the first of the three I began is going to be of a moth.   Frequent nocturnal visitors, I think moths are a bit under appreciated - then again, people don't like holes in their sweaters!  This moth in my new painting is a gorgeous yellow and brown "Imperial Moth" which I found while taking a walk one afternoon.  It is quite large - at least 3 inches wide - as big as a butterfly.  

The next two paintings are inspired not by the sky, but by the inhabitants in the depths of the ocean.   Two olive shells rest together in one painting, and a lone anemone in another.   In our busy lives where we jump from one subject to the next and where our senses are bombarded in so many ways by advertisements, people, and ACTION, I hope that this series of works will offer a respite from the "busyness" of the everyday. 

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