Saturday, December 25, 2010

Tiger Swallowtails Alight

Remnants of Flight
oil on canvas, 11"x14"
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When my friend found this Tiger Swallowtail butterfly in the grill of her little mini-cooper automobile, the incident prompted a bystander to proclaim "you killed magic!"  I find this hilarious. My friend urged me to title the painting, "The Death of Magic," but not being in the mood for the melodramatic.... I have chosen the title "Remnants of Flight"

I have also begun work on two other Tiger Swallowtail-inspired paintings:

The iridescent aqua color on each wing is absolutely spectacular. I hope I can accurately capture it, but iridescence is tricky!   Each little aqua speck appearing against the deep velvety black is like a dusting of chipped gemstones.  Will I be able to capture this in paint? Well, I'll try!


Man Named Kim said...

leave it to you to create such beauty out of death...

lovely work and I didn't know you knew Vanessa Boynton. She's one of my new twitter to real life friends. tell her i said "HI!"

Susanna Pantas said...

I will tell her you said hello, Kim! Vanessa is such a wonderful spirit, isn't she?!

I just fell in love with the ragged and frayed edges of this swallowtail's wings - thanks for your comments. Have a peaceful 2011 that is full of your poetry!