Friday, February 18, 2011

Bird's nest = sticks + ______________?

This new painting is titled "Contemplation: Woven Nest" and is an oil on canvas which measures 12"x16".  It is currently for sale through ArtSource Fine Art in Raleigh, NC.   The original nest actually had bits of bubble wrap amongst the sticks.  My attempts to paint the bubble wrap ended up looking like an octopus tentacle was woven into the nest - which wasn't the comforting bed for baby birds I was striving for - and thus I decided to omit it.    Thus.... no bubble wrap in this painting, but a charming little nest still the same :)

Contemplation: Woven Nest
oil on canvas, 12"x16"

This painting is currently for sale through ArtSource Fine Art 
in Raleigh, NC.  Email for purchase information

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